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Snapshot: Grand Union (former) - Woodstock, NY

Closing out our Hudson Valley week with a look at a former Grand Union which has since been taken over by...drumroll please...CVS, of course!
Yes, it's got that distinctive Grand Union look to it! Although I'm not sure that I've ever seen a GU with this facade and the ornaments (the cupola, the eaves) together.
Funny thing is, there's no CVS sign on the building itself. There must be zoning restrictions in place that prevent this. It's still a pretty attractive building, though.
It fits in well with the surroundings. Maybe too well. It's very hard to see driving by.
Although Woodstock lost its GU, it still has a grocery store. See Sunflower Foods.
Getting a little closer, it appears that there may have been another storefront to the left of the Grand Union.
The windows are probably original, although the doors have been replaced. Grand Union's sign would probably have been right underneath the cupola.
Again, probably due to zoning laws, the CVS sign is wood, not lit.
The store is located at 60 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock.

Photographed June 2017