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Snapshot: Bayonne Fresh Market - Bayonne, NJ

I told you there would be some random posts. Now we're jumping back to good ol' Bayonne, NJ, to check out this store that started as the Fei Da Asian Market back in 2012 but later became the Bayonne Fresh Market by 2016. Interestingly, Bayonne's population is only about 8% Asian, which makes me wonder about the wisdom of opening an Asian Market there -- especially since it's a hard-to-access peninsula and therefore has limited capacity to draw customers from surrounding towns. The Bayonne Fresh Market today appears to specialize in seafood and doesn't appear to be a full supermarket.
Notice that "Bayonne Fresh" is in a different font from "Market." This is because the "market" is left over from Fei Da.
I get a very similar feeling from this store as I do the Despensa del Ahorro in Elizabeth, although I haven't actually been inside either one. This store is located at 1033 Broadway in Bayonne, just south of the Aqui Market at Garfield Ave.

Photographed June 2018