Thursday, April 04, 2019

Snapshot: Hannaford - Highland, NY

North of both Haverstraw and Beacon on the west side of the Hudson River is Highland. We'll be making a quick stop here before heading back down to the southern part of the Hudson Valley tomorrow.
After snapping a million photos from the car window driving by, into the sun but on a really gray day, I managed to salvage only two. This store, as you might notice, is quite similar in design to the last (I think) un-fruit-bowled Stop & Shop in New Jersey, which is of course Paramus. Both share a heritage as Grand Unions built in the 80s when, I'm sure, this design was the coolest thing out there. This Hannaford has been kept up better than the Stop & Shop, it seems. It's also seen a more recent interior renovation, on which the Paramus location is still waiting.
Here's a look across the supermarket and the strip mall it's in. We can see inside thanks to a 360 view on Google Maps. Looks like it's been recently renovated with a decor package I'm not familiar with. Nice floor! The store is located at 3650 US-9W, Highland, NY.
Photographed June 2017

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