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Snapshot: Hannaford - Highland, NY

North of both Haverstraw and Beacon on the west side of the Hudson River is Highland. We'll be making a quick stop here before heading back down to the southern part of the Hudson Valley tomorrow.
After snapping a million photos from the car window driving by, into the sun but on a really gray day, I managed to salvage only two. This store, as you might notice, is quite similar in design to the last (I think) un-fruit-bowled Stop & Shop in New Jersey, which is of course Paramus. Both share a heritage as Grand Unions built in the 80s when, I'm sure, this design was the coolest thing out there. This Hannaford has been kept up better than the Stop & Shop, it seems. It's also seen a more recent interior renovation, on which the Paramus location is still waiting.
Here's a look across the supermarket and the strip mall it's in. We can see inside thanks to a 360 view on Google Maps. Looks like it's been recently renovated with a decor package I'm not familiar with. Nice floor! The store is located at 3650 US-9W, Highland, NY.
Photographed June 2017


  1. Not sure if this one was an edited version by GU or redone when it became Hannaford. Most of these stores as Grand Union the entire sloped area was made of glass.

    1. You're right, and that's a good question. The Paramus location has a similar partial sloped area (could you call it half-glassed?). I'm not familiar enough with the model to say for sure.


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