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This week (Mon-Fri) is Nova Scotia week, but starting on Saturday, June 1, we have something completely new...
The Market Report presents the Bronx! We have a whopping 44 stores to cover in the northwestern Bronx, including Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Marble Hill, Fordham Heights, Fordham Manor, Bedford Park, Norwood, and Van Cortlandt Park. For those not familiar with the area, I'll get more into what to expect in these neighborhoods in a little bit.

The Stores

For a summary of what to expect over the next eight weeks, here's a look at the stores we're going to cover:
  • 7 Krasdale stores (5 CTown and 2 Bravo)
  • 7 Key Food stores (3 Food Universe, 2 Food Dynasty, and 2 Key Food)
  • 4 Associated Supermarket Group stores (2 Pioneer, one each Associated and City Fresh Market)
  • and assorted other chain and independent stores
Here's the complete map.

The Neighborhoods

As you can see from wandering around the map above, the neighborhoods in the Bronx are much smaller than those in Brooklyn, for instance, and less well-defined. So while I spent a day in Brooklyn and saw Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, I spent a day in the Bronx and hit eight different neighborhoods.

We begin in the rather suburban neighborhood of Riverdale, which makes up the northwestern corner of the Bronx. One of the most affluent neighborhoods in the Bronx, Riverdale could easily be mistaken for Montclair, NJ in parts. We move on to Kingsbridge, which has a bustling business district along Broadway (yes, it's the same Broadway that continues south and is most famous in Manhattan). We then pass through the largely residential Kingsbridge Heights on our way to Fordham Manor, where we see several stores along the busy Kingsbridge Rd. Continuing south, we stop by Fordham Heights with stores mostly along Fordham Rd, a major corridor, and 183rd St. We circle back north through Fordham Manor before hitting Bedford Park, again a largely residential neighborhood, for a few stores. After crossing the Mosholu Parkway, we see a few stores along Jerome Ave in Norwood, then round out the group with a store in the very green residential section of Van Cortlandt Park South.

Within these neighborhoods, there are relatively few stores I didn't get to, so this is a fairly complete picture of these neighborhoods' supermarkets. There are some, which I will note as we go through the group.


And for the teaser video of what you're about to see, check this out. Come back on Saturday for our first Bronx store, and in the meantime, enjoy Nova Scotia week!