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Memorabilia: ShopRite Trucks

While passing through the Lehigh Valley, I stopped by the Starlite Diner in Allentown (and had an excellent dinner). To my surprise, though, immediately inside the diner was a display of several toy ShopRite trucks. The diner is just north of an approximately one million square foot Wakefern warehouse in Breinigsville, PA so it's not as strange as I had initially thought. It's probably a common stop for Wakefern truckers.
I've never seen the Price Rite one before! My local ShopRite usually carries these trucks only around the holidays, when they're probably handy impulse buy gift items. I, unfortunately, do not have any!


  1. Just looking, it appears Allentown has a Price Rite store, so maybe they are only offered in those locations rather than the regular ShopRite stores?

    Although, as you note, if employees eat there frequently they may have also gifted these to the restaurant owners.

    1. Right, either one is possible. I've seen the ShopRite trucks at my ShopRite but I didn't start going to a Price Rite on a regular basis until pretty recently.


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