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Snapshot: ALDI - Takoma Park, MD

Today we're going to check out a grocery store in singer Eric Hutchinson's hometown of Takoma Park, MD (or at least where he grew up). This ALDI appears to be a modified A&P/SuperFresh Centennial model.
Note that, although it's tempting to say that the peaked part where the ALDI logo is, is original, it's not. It would have been centered on the storefront if it were left over from A&P.
The store practically shares a parking lot with another mall that includes the Red Apple Farmers Market, a small grocery store.
The store is located at 7609 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park, MD.

Photographed October 2016


  1. We have one Aldi here that is currently (they were talking about moving to a new site, then maybe to part of a ShopRite that moved into a former Price Chopper) in an old A&P store.

    Unfortunately, it's part of a strip plaza and the A&P was right in the middle of it, so it doesn't have much of an A&P styled look. Also one of the older Aldi stores (as A&P here was mostly closed up in the early 1980's and there may have been one short term tenant between).

  2. The Takoma Park Aldi is indeed a former A&P turned Super Fresh. My guess is the peak in the roof was moved post A&P/Super Fresh. There are a couple of Northern Virginia Centennials that made the transition to Super Fresh that kept the peak in the same place. A&P closed their suburban Maryland Super Fresh locations in the 1990s. The Super Fresh name held on in Northern Virginia until the early 2000s.


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