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Memorabilia: ShopRite Price Plus Card

Although many stores have created a brand for their loyalty club, few are as recognizable as ShopRite's Price Plus club. It's an instantly-recognizable name and design, even in its newer version. Here's the pre-2002 version, most likely from the mid-1990s.
I still really like the older ShopRite logo and branding, although the script text is better than the old lettering.
And yes, this card still works. The account has existed for probably 25 years, and it still works to get a free turkey every Thanksgiving.


  1. Is that one a hard (inflexible) plastic?

    I have the full sized card that is also the hard plastic, but I also have an even earlier one that is a very flexible soft plastic. Not sure if they ever issued the key tags in the soft version, though. The card looks exactly the same, just a thinner material.

    I remember cashiers commenting when they first (re)opened stores in the Albany area about having the older card (since most were just signing up and had the new style, as the previous stores in that area had closed prior to the card program, I believe), but since we are between Albany and Hudson (where they've had a store dating back to Big V ownership) it made sense I had the older style.

    1. Yes, it's the hard plastic. I believe you're right, the full sized card uses the softer plastic. This particular one would have been from about 1994.


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