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Memorabilia: Stop & Shop Garbage Can

I took these pictures back in spring 2016 and (because I took them on a family member's cell phone) later emailed them to myself. They have been sitting in my email inbox since July 2016. Now, they can finally see the light of day because they're worth seeing. The Stop & Shop in West Caldwell, NJ at 875 Bloomfield Ave opened in the 1980s as a Stop & Shop-MediMart combination store, which was later sold to local chain Kings Food Markets, occupying the space until 2007. Then, Stop & Shop (which still owned the property) didn't renew Kings' lease and instead moved back in themselves. This garbage can has been floating around the property since the original Stop & Shop opened...
Ah, it's beautiful (if more than a little faded, and possibly painted out at least once).
It does look like someone tried to paint out the logos, but they came back. Just like the Stop & Shop. Was that an intentional parallel? Absolutely not, but it's a nice coincidence.


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