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Snapshot: Safeway - Columbia Rd, Washington, DC

It's The Market Report's second venture into the nation's capitol to see a supermarket. Okay, both of the stores were photographed at the same time (even on the same day, I believe), but somehow this one kind of got lost in my flash drive. Today is a simple one -- a Safeway in the northwestern quadrant of the city. Interestingly enough, it fronts right onto the street and only has an underground parking garage.
The store looks pretty nice, and on the inside, it has the Lifestyle decor. It's at 1747 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC.

Photographed October 2016


  1. You might be interested to know that this Safeway originally only occupied the right side of the building. The left side of the building including what si now CVS was one of Giant-MD's early stores. Giant moved to 14th and Park Road in the 1960s and Safeway expanded to the space they have now. For what it is this is a decent city Safeway. It has the Lifestyle interior. But there are complaints about high prices, lack of service, fresh quality issues, the usual stuff. The current Giant at 14th and Park is actually a very nice store. If I lived in the area I think I'd prefer shopping there over Safeway. Safeway had several small 1930s/1940s Sanitary turned Safeway stores in the vicinity of this current store. The now closed Metro K Supermarket at 1864 Columbia Road hung on as a Safeway until the late 1970s when Safeway closed the store. This was well after Safeway had expanded the 1747 Columbia Road store. Community pressure kept the store open. I had never been in Metro K and now I regret it. Though small it retained the Safeway feel and was still using 1960s style Safeway aisle markers as well as a lot of refrigeration from that time frame as well. BestWorld at 3178 Mt Pleasant Street was also a Safeway until sometime in the 1970s I believe. They are still using Safeway aisle markers as well.

    1. Very interesting! And wow... I'm looking at some interior pictures of BestWorld on Google Maps. That is a store I very much would like to visit one day. Thank you for the information as always!


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