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TOUR: Pete's Fine Foods - Halifax, NS

Starting off our Nova Scotia week with a store tour in the capital of Nova Scotia. This store is a gourmet market with one other location in Bedford, NS. You can read more about the chain over on their website. Ready for the tour?
Clearly this is an upscale experience, but what I loved about the store was how theatrical it was in design without being over-the-top.
And I didn't mean that literally, but this overhang does look like a theater marquee.
You generally enter to the produce department on the left with bakery and prepared foods on the right, with more "ingredients" in the back -- general grocery, meat, and seafood. (Warning: this was a cell phone or two ago, so the pictures are pretty blurry. That goes for all of Nova Scotia Week.)
The lighting and merchandising is really exciting. I really liked the feeling in this store, although the prices were certainly no bargain.
That said, there is relatively little actual decor here, and the store mostly relies on shoppers to either wander or locate departments by seeing the products themselves.
Here we can see the prepared foods and other such departments to the right of produce. What do I mean by "other such departments?" Well just your average supermarket fudge counter...
Floral department in the center, next to produce.
Here we see the prepared foods looking towards checkouts. There's a seating area on the second floor in the front.
Big emphasis on local products...
As we move towards the back of the store, we see more of the standard grocery selections, including a huge cheese counter.
Second floor over the middle part of the store is occupied by a gym.
Grocery aisles, which are set up in a mostly nonlinear layout, are located at the back of the store along with frozen and dairy.
Nice aisle markers, although I'm sure trying to do a reset is a nightmare!
Lots of ... whatever these are. This is the problem -- I visited this store almost three years ago, and my photos from the time are really bad. Sorry about the light coverage!
Dairy and frozen in the back corner. I remember that much!
 I do love the old pictures on all the walls, as usual.
Meat, seafood, and deli run along the wall opposite produce.
 Beautiful merchandising and display even within the service counters. You can see also that many of the offerings are upscale prepared products.
"The British Butcher" is definitely a concept that fits this store.
More cheese!
Circling back around to produce.
I don't remember the exact location of the bakery, but if I'm not mistaken it's in this area, between cheese and the checkouts.
This is my one complaint, I guess, with the store design -- although this sweeping deli counter is incredible, it would be so much more impressive if it were clearly visible. There's a lot of clutter in the store, and the rather circular layout makes it hard to fully experience any one department.
Olive bar at the end of the deli counter.
Now moving up towards the checkouts before heading out...
 Here we can more easily see the second-floor cafe.
 Prepared foods department in the front, opposite produce.
And that about concludes our tour of Pete's! An amazing store, and I wish I had better pictures to do it justice. One down, four to go here in Nova Scotia!

Pete's Fine Foods

1515 Dresden Row, Halifax, NS
Open Mon-Sat 8AM-8PM, Sun 8AM-6PM
Photographed August 2016