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TOUR: Foodland - Cold Brook, NS

Just about 13 miles west of Canning is the small town of Cold Brook. It's home to a Foodland, which uses the Sobeys/Compliments group.
The store is part of a small indoor mall, and it's on the lower level. So entering here will give you a staircase to head down into the supermarket -- and a good overview of the store.
Now is as good a time as any to discuss the layout. Produce is in the front left corner, with meat continuing along the first aisle. Dairy runs along the back wall of the store, with frozen at the far end of the store.
Here's the rear/lower level entrance.
Looking from the produce alcove towards the front of the store. This store doesn't have a deli, but deli products are in these cases we see running along the first aisle.
Here we're looking over towards the produce alcove (left) and the first aisle (right).
For a closer look at produce...
You know, it seems like everyone loves local. I've seen signs to that effect or using that exact phrasing at this store, ACME, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop.
 Here's a look down the rest of the first aisle.
Now looking along the back wall (dairy) towards the last aisle (frozen).
Good in-store branding with these signs.
Nice clean and spacious grocery aisles. This store isn't large but it certainly has a good selection (if no service departments).
Interesting that there's not exactly any decor in this store. All the walls are beige, but there are lots of promotional signs around.
Frozen foods in the last aisle.
There are some pretty old fixtures in this store, such as the coffin freezer case we can see here.
Now for a look at the front-end before we head out...
Again, some of the fixtures are pretty old, including the registers.
Can I just point out that every supermarket needs one of these? So many times I'm standing in a supermarket and all I want is something to drink other than soda or water. Anyway, that's about it for Nova Scotia! We start the Bronx tomorrow, so get ready...


6637 NS Trunk 1, Cold Brook, NS
Open Mon-Sat 8AM-10PM, Sun 11AM-7PM (I don't get why all these stores' hours are so short here in NS. Where's the 7AM-12AM daily hours I'm used to?)
Photographed August 2016


  1. Kroger is a little different, at least. Their phrasing is "we *support* local" instead :P


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