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TOUR: Your Independent Grocer - Wolfville, NS

Heading to a larger town about 10 miles south of Canning for today's Tour. Wolfville, a very pleasant small town, is home to the rather awkwardly-named Carl's Your Independent Grocer (something about the double possessive there just doesn't work -- why not simply Carl's Independent Grocer?). As with many downtown stores, it fronts onto Main Street but also has a parking lot in the back.
Here's a look at the side that faces Main St.
There is no entrance in the back.
Heading in, we see the fairly standard layout of produce and deli in the first aisle.
There appears to be a mix of newer and older decor here, with the newer hanging panels and the older signs mounted to the cases and on the walls.
Very small deli, and it's all prepared foods (very little lunchmeat). I miss my New Jersey delis!
Looking across the produce department towards the front of the store.
It's a very attractive produce department, especially for a small neighborhood-type store. Just nothing exciting.
Dairy, frozen meat/seafood, and baked goods are at the back of the first aisle. Meat continues along the back wall.
President's Choice is the storebrand at Your Independent Grocer as they are part of the Loblaws group. (ValuFoods is affiliated with the Sobeys-based Compliments storebrand.)
Again, I could be wrong, but it looks like the promotional signage is part of a newer decor package than the fixed signage it's shown in front of here.
Dairy, as usual, is in the last aisle.
Frozen takes up the front half of the last aisle and continues on the front wall of the store.
We also see the famous Loblaws No Name brand. And when you think about it, calling it "No Name" does kind of make know, well, a name...oh, never mind.
More No Name products over in ice cream. Checkouts line the front wall next to frozen, with customer service at the side of the front-end near the entrance...
Thanks, Carl's!

Carl's Your Independent Grocer

396 Main St, Wolfville, NS
Mon-Sat 8AM-9PM, Sun 10AM-6PM
Photographed August 2016