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Memorabilia: Food Fair's Dollar Stretching Lower Prices!

Well I guess any prices from 1955 are going to seem low today, but it's very interesting to compare the Acme ad to this Food Fair ad. Acme had a 1-lb package of hot dogs for $0.49, which is the same as what we're seeing here. But Acme's sauerkraut was fresh in a cellophane bag, 16oz/$0.15. Food Fair's sauerkraut is 27oz in a can for $0.10. Interesting!
If I'm not mistaken, this ad was actually a two-page spread, so there's a fair amount that's cut off to the right here, as well as more information to the bottom (including store addresses, probably). I like the cheese choices -- we have Swiss cheese, cheese, sharp cheese, or Gruyere. As for the brands, we have Mayfair, Country Fair, State Fair, or Swiss Fair. No Boar's Head around here! This ad, once again, is from the February 3, 1955 edition of the Elizabeth Daily Journal.