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Snapshot: Super Supermarket - Newark, NJ

Super Supermarkets is a small chain of stores with locations in Orange, Haledon, Paterson (coming soon to the blog), and Asbury Park. There are also assorted other stores bearing the same name that sometimes use the same logo, in West New York, Elizabeth (also coming soon), and here in Newark.
This location was previously a Mayfair Foodtown, like Orange, but I'm not sure what it was before that. It's possible this was an Acme, although the building doesn't exactly look like an Acme of this era should.
Strangely enough, there is no longer a sign on the awning, either facing the parking lot or facing the street. There used to be before the awning was redone. This store is at 810 N 6th St, Newark, NJ.

Photographed March 2018


  1. Funny that this was a Foodtown, because the name Super Supermarket makes me think of their old early-mid '80s jingle - "It's a great supermarket... it's a SUPER supermarket!"

    1. You know, that's a really good point! I forgot about that jingle. I'd assume it's unrelated and simply a basic and catchy name, but it could be. I'm pretty sure Super Supermarket would've come into the picture a good 15 years after that jingle though.


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