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Snapshot: California Fruit & Vegetables - Fordham Heights

Just across the street from Bronx Marketplace is a small greengrocer called Something California Fruit & Vegetables. Unfortunately, I am utterly unable to make out the first word.
From a Google Maps street view, we can get a better view of the name. Nongra California?
Like many of these small greengrocers, the store appears to be basically a convenience store with a selection of fresh produce. I always prefer when stores do sell fresh produce, even when they're small like this, because more access to fresh produce in a neighborhood is always good. Plus, it forces Bronx Marketplace, Food Universe, and Pioneer (which we'll tour tomorrow) to step up their own produce offerings. This three-block stretch of 183rd St is definitely an example of intense competition meaning better offerings for the customer! This greengrocer is located at 14 W 183rd St, Bronx, NY.

Photographed June 2018