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Streetside Sights & Scenes: Look Ma, I'm on Broadway

Moving south from yesterday's Foodtown, let's take a second to look at the neighborhood as we move on. One note, the property at 230th Street and Broadway (northwestern corner) is soon to become a Western Beef Market, meaning the intense competition I was describing yesterday isn't going away anytime soon. As you move farther south, the central business district ends (about 230th St), and the section of Broadway south of 230th is pretty quiet. Interestingly enough, the northernmost property in Manhattan is not on Manhattan Island at all, but is geographically along Broadway in the Bronx. The Marble Hill section, while geographically sharing the landmass of the Bronx, is technically part of Manhattan and located within New York County. Anyway...
Here's a look at what the area looks like as we start to move south. It starts to look a little more like the stereotypical Bronx neighborhood, with the brick high-rises and elevated train. And if you really look hard, maybe get out your jeweler's loupe, maybe just squint until you get a headache -- not that I'm endorsing such behavior, mind you -- you can see the CTown straight ahead that we'll be touring tomorrow.