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TOUR: Stop & Shop - Kingsbridge

Today's store tour is a look at the Stop & Shop on Broadway in the Kingsbridge section. Like much of the Bronx, Kingsbridge has vastly improved in the last 30 or so years. This supermarket reflects that; although it's been a supermarket for many decades, it has only been a Stop & Shop since approximately the 1990s. A 1985 picture posted on Facebook shows the store in a fairly sorry state as a Finast.

Note: For whatever reason, this map isn't loading correctly on the first few posts. Click on the full-screen icon (top right) to view it in a new window.
This Stop & Shop begins our look at the Broadway corridor, which is visible to the top left in the map above.
As we saw in yesterday's Streetside Sights & Scenes post, the elevated subway runs right next to this store. Now let's see what's changed since Finast.
Well clearly, we have a new facade and less graffiti around the building. But basically it's the same. One part that I personally dislike is the fact that they removed Finast's tower. I love supermarket towers.
The layout here is pretty straightforward. You walk in on this corner with produce in the first aisle and deli/prepared foods on the right-side wall. Seafood is in the back corner, with meat along the back wall. Dairy lines the left-side wall with bakery in the front left corner. Customer service (excuse me, the solution center) is immediately inside the entrance on the front wall.
What observant readers will notice is that the decor has actually been modified here. The walls originally would have been beige with Stop & Shop logos around, while here they have been painted white. (See here for comparison.) While it does make the store a lot brighter and less dingy, it also makes pretty much no sense decor-wise.
The produce department, opposite deli and prepared foods, is small but pretty well stocked. It's nothing like tomorrow's store, though.
I've never been a fan of this decor and I can't say this execution makes it any better. To really improve this design, I would want to see the ceiling painted white and a new floor.
Here we see a small service seafood counter in the back corner. Meats continue along the back wall.
Nothing too special here. Note that some of the previous graphics have been painted around.
You can see the "our experts at your service" slogan here, which is left. The yellow-beige wall visible in the corner (the dairy department) is the color all of the walls would have been.
Back corner of the first aisle.
Grocery aisles are extremely boring.
Unlike the Union Stop & Shop, this store did not get the updated category markers.
Dairy in the last aisle. Again, absolutely nothing exciting about this store. It's a little dim, as you can see here, but clean.
I don't believe there's a service bakery in store, but it does appear they bake on premises.
Finally, a white ceiling and bright lighting! The checkout lights, combined with the fact that the store was a Finast, suggest that in between it was an Edwards Super Food Store (which Union was not). Funny how Union can have an older decor package but look so much better!

Stop & Shop

5617 Broadway, Bronx, NY
Open Daily 6AM-12AM
(718) 548-3344
Photographed June 2018