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Look Inside: Riverdale Farm - Riverdale

Let's kick off our Bronx group with a look at a very small greengrocer in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx. As I mentioned briefly in the "coming soon" post, Riverdale is a very suburban and a relatively affluent area. This small greengrocer is located on 235th Street, which is part of what serves as a downtown area for Riverdale. Tomorrow's Key Food is also located in this downtown-type area.
Riverdale Farm is the first store in the top left corner.
It's a very stereotypical New York City service for a tiny store like this to offer delivery. It seems that the staff consists of the couple that owns it and maybe one or two other people. And when I snapped a picture as I walked by, one member of said staff was not too thrilled -- or at least more than a little confused.
Like most small greengrocers, refrigerator cases line one wall with dry produce in the middle and grocery items along the back and sides. The store is located at 574 W 235th St, Bronx, NY.

Photographed June 2018