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Streetside Sights & Scenes: Streetcorner Symphony*

*today's post is BYOS, or Bring Your Own Symphony. By the way, that title is a reference to the song by Rob Thomas.

Today's Streetside Sights & Scenes post is just an overview of what the beginning of the business district on Kingsbridge Rd looks like, looking east at the corner of University Ave, a pretty major north-south thoroughfare.
If you zoom in, you'll actually be able to see tomorrow's Food Universe with the blue awning almost directly in the center of the photo. Come back tomorrow to check out the interior!


  1. Rob Thomas reference! Okay. You're officially my new favorite blogger.

    1. All right! Thoughts on his newest album?

    2. I thought it was great! You?

      Also... sorry for implying you weren't my favorite blogger before. I should've chosen my words better. Looking back on it, I realize this is how a heart breaks.

    3. Yes, I loved it! I've listened to it a lot over the last few weeks. He's just so great at writing catchy but also really interesting tunes and lyrics, and his instrumentation is always great. My favorites are "Can't Help Me Now," "Funny," "The Worst in Me" (which I fully expected to be a ballad), and "Breathe Out."

      Don't worry, I trust you. I don't think much about the things you said. And I write The Market Report because, after all, a supermarket blogger is something to be. Anyway, I'm going to wrap up this comment because I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.

    4. Great! I totally agree (even though I am nowhere near as gifted as you or other bloggers in describing things like that...!). Unfortunately I think I've only listened to the new album twice so far, I'm not usually one to listen to full CDs. I did put it on my iPod though, as well as The Great Unknown which I also recently purchased! (Not sure if you've seen my flickr descriptions to this effect, but I've been buying a TON of CDs over the past year or two XD )

      That's okay for you to wind it up. I can't hold on forever, but it's fine for you to give me the meltdown tomorrow. Then we'll both be on the site at the same time, and I'll be lonely no more.


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