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TOUR: Food Dynasty - Fordham Center

Today's store is small. I think that kind of could start all of these posts, but it's true. There's just so little space in these neighborhoods, and real estate is at a premium.
This Food Dynasty is just a block east of Sal's, and it feels smaller (it might not be, but it's certainly more cramped). It definitely has more selection and more customers though!
As small as this store does look, it was expanded. You can see what it previously looked like here (and see the source here -- I'm pretty sure 98% of that article is complete BS).
Here's the approximate layout: large produce displays outside. Deli immediately inside the entrance, with produce and then packaged meat on the left wall (first aisle). Dairy/frozen in the last aisle and checkouts on the front wall.
Once again, very attractive exterior displays.
This is as much of a shot of the produce-deli area as I could get, but you get the idea. Nice new fixtures, updated decor, nice product selection in a very small space.
Looking down the back part of the first aisle.
Very large butcher counter along pretty much the entire back wall. Notice that the receiving door on the side of the store opens directly into the sales floor of the store!
You can see just how narrow these aisles are here, but also that they pack in a lot of selection and that the fixtures are very nice!
Spacious freezer department. This store has so many tiny corners that I don't entirely remember where this is, but I think it's where the last aisle meets the back wall.
Looking up towards the front of the store and dairy, from what's kind of the side of the store. The wall is on the diagonal.
One of the aisles... I'm now having a lot of trouble remembering what runs parallel to what here.
The last aisle kind of dissolves into the front wall of the store, where dairy is located.
And here's a look at the dairy department in the other direction looking towards the front-end. Nice checkout lights! Now tomorrow we're heading down to our third business street, 183rd St, which is a smaller street than Kingsbridge or Fordham, but has a lot of grocery stores. We're going to start with a tour of another brand-new Food Universe tomorrow!

Food Dynasty Supermarkets

24 W Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY
Open Daily 7AM-11PM
(718) 450-8778
Photographed June 2018