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Snapshot: Morton Williams - Lincoln Square

Interrupting our Bronx tour for a quick look at a store that appears to have just opened. Morton Williams at 15 West End Ave, Manhattan, NY opened at the beginning of the month after being under construction for a long time. At over 20,000 square feet, the store is actually one of the larger supermarkets in the area, and possibly one of the larger stores in all of Manhattan.
An anonymous contributor to The Market Report brings us this picture of the store just before it opened. It's located about two blocks south of an existing Western Beef supermarket (which I've visited but unfortunately not photographed). Clearly the two are going for very different target markets, as Western Beef focuses on cheap and fresh perishables, while Morton Williams is a more upscale positioning. I am personally not a fan of Morton Williams, and I love the quirkiness of Western Beef. But I definitely see how both stores can coexist so close together.

Tomorrow we have another new Bronx post! And in a little more than two weeks, we'll actually be touring a Morton Williams in the Bronx.

Photographed May 2019